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Boiler Installation & Upgrades...

We can update central heating systems to new regulations and install new central heating systems. We can provide boiler installation and boiler repairs and we have a range of boilers to suit all requirements. It is likely now that your new boiler would be a modern condensing boiler that will save you money and help reduce your carbon footprint. Many of the new breed of boiler are over 90% efficient and fully comply with the new part P building regulations. We can provide any of the boiler systems as briefly listed below and can modify any existing set up as necessary. We are also additionally qualified to supply and fit unvented hot water mains pressure systems.

Combination Boilers (Standard or High Efficiency) 
A combination boiler produces a near instantaneous supply of hot water on tap, 24 hours a day. Unlike conventional heating and hot water systems, a combination system does not store hot water, but heats water as you use it. There is no cylinder, no tank and no connecting pipe work, which saves space and reduces hot water costs. 

Conventional Boilers (Standard or High Efficiency) 
Conventional boilers use a traditional system, which heats up a store of water before you need to use it, via a hot water cylinder and header tank or hot water cylinder and sealed system. 

Back Boilers 
Back boilers are hidden away behind gas fires, freeing up space. Due to current energy efficiency legislation back boilers now are normally removed and replaced with a high efficiency boiler in a new location.

Condensing Boilers (Hi - Efficiency) 
A condensing boiler or 'energy-saving' boiler is a high efficiency boiler. It extracts more heat from the flue gases than a standard boiler, so very little heat is wasted through the flue, which saves you money on your heating bills. From April 2005 all new boilers fitted will have to be this type of boiler unless there is proven technical reason (exception) why fitting a condensing boiler would not be possible.

Here are some tips for you to consider before buying a new boiler:

* What do you want the boiler to produce? Hot Water, High Temperature Hot Water, Low Pressure Steam, High Pressure Steam.
* How big a boiler would you require? How much hot water can satisfy the needs of your household?
* What will the boiler be used for? Will it be used for space heating, humidification or process steam?
* What type of fuel do you have available? Coal, Wood, Natural Gas, Fuel oil, or a combination of fuels.
* After the boiler has been installed, who will take care of it? This is a critical factor to consider, we would me more than happy to take care of your boiler, it's our speciality!

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